Belated updates…

It’s been awhile since I dropped in here. I suppose that’s how life is these days. We get busy and forget about little blogs like this. We probably spend more time tweeting and updating Facebook that we forget about what life was like before the micro-updating.

Since the last update, I’ve participated in three MS Walks. They mean everything to me and I was happy to be a part of it. Yes, it was warm but I was prepared with ice packs and water bottles. If it is one thing that MS does not do well with–it’s heat! And let’s be honest, the desert in April is anything but cool.

I can’t say that the last four years have been perfect. I’ve had my ups and downs. I still manage to keep a bright outlook about things. Awhile ago, I admitted that I was depressed (that was a huge thing to admit for me). I also was able to talk to others about something they don’t tell you when you are diagnosed. Anxiety. I know, you’re thinking, well, that’s something everyone has at some point. I guess it is like that these days. Personally, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since November 8, 2016. As I’m sure others feel the same way. I won’t get political on you.

But it isn’t all bad. I met someone and yes, found out it is possible to find love when you have MS. This was something I struggled with when I was first diagnosed. I remember crying in the neurologist’s office and asking who would want a girl with an expiration date. The truth is, someone that is strong, loving, and kind. He’s one of the good ones. I’m incredibly lucky to have met him.

I make promises all the time that I will not forget to update. However, life does happen. Maybe I should say I am looking forward to updating soon…




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I tell stories and sometimes paint a picture or two. My dogs are my life and I spend way too much time immersed in pop culture.
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