“I swear I didn’t forget your birthday!”

good morning

Abronia House

Summer is here. I know what you’re thinking – of course it is! The weather in the desert has been interesting because it hasn’t really hit the 100+ temperatures that we would see normally at this time…well, it seems that June is politely moving out of the way for July to come roaring in like a lion.

Things have slowed down here, I’m currently in edits for my latest story, All of the Lights. It’s still in the same footballer series that I’ve been writing for the last year. I find that the genre change has helped quite a bit. I see that people are gravitating to that style of writing (I know we’re all in a vampire coma and everyone is saying “no more!”). The vampire stories will come back one day but for now I’m having fun with the series that I’m working on. It’s been nice to see the differences.

I like to say that there really isn’t anything going on here but that’s not the entire truth – so much is happening (I’ve started submitting content instead of waiting for prompts or claiming story ideas). I posted over on Yahoo Voices my Multiple Sclerosis experience. It was good to share my story with others on a larger network because it is still something that most people do not know about. I really enjoy sharing my story and have met quite a few people along the way that have thanked me.

And before I leave you…today is my sister’s birthday. Michelle is very important to me and I always looked up to her when I was growing up. Even when she did things that did not make us happy…I loved her unconditionally. I haven’t seen her in awhile and was sad that I did not see her at Christmas when I was in Texas. Hopefully, we can meet up later this summer. My sister and I have tons of inside jokes. She can bring up a moment that happened when I was five and the memory is still fresh…I just love her. Happy Birthday, Michelle! Love, Chicky.


About daniellellanes

I tell stories and sometimes paint a picture or two. My dogs are my life and I spend way too much time immersed in pop culture.
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2 Responses to “I swear I didn’t forget your birthday!”

  1. Danielle, you sound like you have a great relationship with your sister.

    I’m going to take a look at your article. Keep on writing!

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