let’s celebrate!

I have a new neurologist…but I won’t see him until June 26th! Hooray! Progress! Not really…but I don’t care. I finally have a new neurologist…let’s dance!


Also, my love/crush for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is out of control. Sorry…not really. I’m sure it will cool for like a hot minute when my favorite show returns (yes, I will still watch True Blood but mostly for Alexander Skarsgard)…see? I’m obviously meant for some super tall Viking or like just a normal guy from some middle of the nation place like Iowa…

In the meantime, I’m still not taking any modifying medication for my MS…I still feel tired about 77% of the time and the headaches never really go away. Tonight is the last meeting for the support group since everyone is leaving for the summer. The desert isn’t really the place for those that are heat sensitive…oh look, I’m here another summer *sigh* I know…dumb move to sign a year lease but I’m thinking if it gets bad enough – I will just head north and hope a kind soul allows me to visit for a month…or three 🙂


About daniellellanes

I tell stories and sometimes paint a picture or two. My dogs are my life and I spend way too much time immersed in pop culture.
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One Response to let’s celebrate!

  1. Good luck with the new neurologist! Hang in there during the hot summer! Can’t remember exactly where you moved to, but wishing you the best…

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