omg date night

repost from here 

it was fun. I never do anything out of the ordinary and this was one of those nights. we were supposed to just go for coffee but then! we got to talking and talking led to more talking. finally, we took off and he wanted to show off the place he is a co-owner of. it’s like fancy golf cars for super wealthy people – he was talking about some country singer that had ordered a custom one for hunting. I just nodded and said that I didn’t even know it was something people were interested in.

we ended up catching up and then I looked at the time…it was nearly 2am! where did the time go? I came home but not before giving him a hug. it sounds dumb to keep saying that he really hasn’t changed all that much and he’s still the guy I knew in high school.

this whole week has been strange but I feel like something in the universe finally aligned because I had to get closure for one ex to be able to make room for a possible new guy?? I just know that I like spending time with him.

he doesn’t know about my MS. it isn’t something that I’m going to shout from the rooftops because I don’t want him running away just yet. I just found him and we’re just getting to know each other. I’ll share it later…when the time is right.

update: so, he did actually find out about my MS through this very here blog and well, I’m not exactly super stealth about it. I mean, it isn’t some huge secret and everyone really knows about it. He’s cool with it and I’m cool with the fact he isn’t hitting the road anytime soon. I like that we have these long talks about nothing and everything. And I really missed talking to someone that wasn’t a chihuahua or my laptop or just the empty space in my house. good times.


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